No 109

Our April/May 2019 is all about twinning. We published two reports: one on Ambiente, an important consumer goods exhibition, and the other on Bangkok Design Week. We spotlight the area of Tanjong Pagar twice. The first is in a feature on its waterfront, where the Future Cities Laboratory has come up with a few interesting possible scenarios as to how it can develop once the port moves out. The second is of the mixed-use development Tanjong Pagar Centre, which is now Singapore’s tallest project, designed by SOM.

Look out too for a pair of projects from the Middle East. Atelier Brückner has designed the permanent exhibition Arabian Journeys in the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. We uncover some of the technologies they used to bring the stories to life. In Israel, Asaf Gottesman has completed the Postscript Residence. This project marks a return to designing a typology he was a leader of in the 1990s, but has not done since 2001.

The second home in this issue, Project #4, is a type of twin too, albeit a fraternal one. Created by Studio Wills + Architects, it is a re-arrangement of the massing of Project #3, itself another house in the same neighbourhood. We hope it intrigues you as much as it did us.


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