No 130

In this issue, we cover residential, mixed-use and hospitality properties around Asia that are marked by unique designs. For instance, some are woven with their own nostalgia, and others bear the unique stamp of their owners/residents. In Japan, Zentis Osaka, the Palace Hotel Group’s first offering under the Zentis category, weaves in Osaka’s history and heritage with a modern and vibrant vibe. Check out its contemporary interiors, which are reminiscent of a stylish residence. Another boutique hotel that’s also the first of its stable is Else Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This beautifully restored commercial property injects a new consciousness into KL’s Chinatown district. Some projects are designed with notes of nostalgia injected into the fabric of their design. Oslo-based design firm Snøhetta referenced developer Nan Fung Group’s textiles heritage and the Kai Tak site’s aviation past for the design and build of commercial complex Airside, a mixed-use commercial development in Hong Kong. In Singapore, the rejuvenated Delta Sport Centre at Alexandra Road, undertaken by Red Bean Architects, highlights the viability and value of adaptive reuse. Private residential properties are also given innovative ideas that have the power to reframe residents’ experiences - from the ultra-luxurious Scope Langsuan in Bangkok to the deliberately left unfinished Project Conservatory in Kuala Lumpur.


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