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Yen Chong Explains Why She Prefers Geberit

The Deputy General Manager of QingJian Realty likes how it marries luxury with functionality.

A sanctuary that is functional, without compromising on warmth, comfort and style – this is how Yen Chong, Deputy General Manager of QingJian Realty, describes her home.

Mother to teenagers, she also made sure to include smart home technologies to ensure the efficient usage of power and minimise the wastage of resources.

Like her clients at work who are the buyers of the residences QingJian develops, Chong pays close attention to the bathroom, insisting on it having luxurious fittings that come with multi-functional options.

Discerning in her choice of the right sanitaryware brand to install, she eventually decided on Geberit for her home.

“Apart from the fact that it is an established Swiss brand and market leader in the sanitary industry, it manages to marry luxury with functionality,” she explains.

“I’ve known the brand for some time and they have a long history when it comes to sustainability, making me confident that I’ve made the right choice in installing their products.”

These encompass the Concealed Cistern paired with the AquaClean Mera shower toilet, and Monolith sanitary module combined with the iCon Rimfree WC.

AquaClean Mera and Monolith AquaClean Mera and Monolith

Chong is very satisfied with her experience so far, citing the multiple features of each product as one of the strengths of Geberit.

Take the AquaClean Mera for instance, “It is one of the brand’s star products and ensures high standards of hygiene and usability while offering the well-known Geberit quality."

At night, when it senses a user close by, a light gets activated with many different colours and brightness levels to choose from.

The seat also lifts up automatically and closes when the user is done, she points out, “You may not think that is a necessity but once you have it, it’s such a boon. Its multiple functions quite literally do everything.”

Other plus points are the easy-to-use control function and in-built bidet spray that provides a gentle and thorough clean with minimal water consumption, thanks to its unique WhirlSpray technology.

The AquaClean Mera is fully controlled via an app installed on the smartphone and Chong enjoys how her preferred settings are transferable to any unit, be it in someone else’s house or hotel room.

Perhaps the cherry on the cake is the variety of flush plate designs that are interchangeable to suit the style of the bathroom or mood of the day, making it a truly personalised experience in this important home sanctuary.

This story is produced in collaboration with Geberit. It first appeared in Issue 124: June 2022

27 June 2022