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Aesthetically Timeless Yet Functional

In the second part of our new series, we asked architect Owen Lam to devise a unique interior concept using mainly items from Space Furniture. Lam’s interest lies in creating homes that are not only highly customised to the lifestyle of the user but always comfortable havens that one can return to. The OMMO Design Principal believes that for home designs, the ethos and rigour should transcend from the macro overall design to the micro everyday touch points.

Please describe in detail the design in your render.

The envisioned space is a tranquil retreat; a quiet escape from the external world. The selective window openings are designed to frame views, and the usage of ribbed glass allows light to enter the space while filtering the cluttered external scenes. Inside, the ambience is set by subtly lit limestone walls, creating an inward looking and contemplative atmosphere.

The room is cosy yet spacious, offering users various sitting arrangement possibilities for different occasions. The furniture is an amalgamation of iconic pieces, and represents a curated selection that was seemingly collected by the owner over a period. The timeless Camaleonda sofa from B&B Italia, designed over 50 years ago, embodies modular construction and enduring flexibility. The Living Divani Frog chair complements the sofa’s round silhouette, and tables from Classicon and Baxter, along with lamps from Flos, add a layer of sculptural identity.

Could you describe the uniqueness of your design style and how has it evolved over the years?

I believe in a design ethos that is fundamentally functional and aesthetically timeless. My design process is rooted in rationality, starting with logical space planning. It involves crafting designs with meticulous attention to detail, fostering an ongoing dialogue with users to comprehend their needs and preferences. This dialogue forms the basis for a solution that not only caters to the functional requirements but also creates a visually pleasing and enduring environment.

What kind of meaningful projects would you be keen to work on moving forward?

I am particularly drawn to the challenge of repurposing old buildings, where the existing context guides my work toward adaptation for the future. The satisfaction lies in breathing new life into structures with good bones, extending their lifespan without resorting to demolition. I advocate for well built and quality products because I believe that well-crafted details are the touch points and hallmark of a good home.

How does Space Furniture support your design/architectural endeavours? 

Space Furniture consistently aligns with my vision of well-built, enduring homes. The quality of their products resonates with my commitment to timeless design. Furthermore, the support of a friendly and knowledgeable team ensures the successful realization of projects and addresses all follow-up needs.

What are some of the furniture brands from Space that have caught your eye recently or inspired you and why?

Living Divani and Baxter stand out with their sculptural and contemporary classics, starting conversations through their clever material choices and captivating design philosophies. These qualities not only resonate with and appeal to the end users, but also afford me greater creative latitude. This allows me to infuse these brands into my projects, elevating the overall design with a contemporary edge.

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19 March 2024