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The McLaren 720S is Here, and You Get to Make Your Own

To top it all off, it’s built to last — that includes its value too.

The 720S is without a doubt, a beautiful car. We already know it’s fast (it goes 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds with a torque of 770 Nm) but even when unmoving, the 720S is definitely made right.

First released in 2017, the 720S has since gone through several variations, from the hard-top to the coupe, the Spider (a stunning convertible, the first of its kind built on carbon fibre), and to now what’s perhaps the fastest and most beautiful car of your dreams, thanks to the Bespoke Collection that’s now arrived in Singapore.

If you were a fan of that Gulf race livery they did at the Monaco Grand Prix a couple of years back, then paint orange and blue to your heart’s content, or anything you desire. The 720S Bespoke Collection allows you to choose from over 250 different exterior paintwork from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

In other words, it’s personalisation made possible as Bespoke paints can be made available on request. The MSO includes a colour-to-match service (includes a 2 to 4-week review process) where the paint craftsmen will work on creating the custom paint blend. 


For a finishing touch, all exterior carbon components that are available in a gloss finish can be offered in a satin or colour-tinted finish. There are a total of 18 colours available, with each hue carrying specific differences to your taste, such as variations of blue in Modica Blue or Navy. 

The extent of the MSO Bespoke service includes wheel finishes, brake caliper colours, and heatshield, the latter in an offering of 24K gold — it’s a subtle flex only you would know … and those close enough to see it. 

In the interior department, options of Nappa or Alacantara® leather in various colours are available, as well as contrast stitching for absolute detailing. Bespoke headrests, whether embossed, debossed, or embroidered, allow for custom patterns, designs, or colours in a range of 15 choices. 

On the other components such as a coloured marker for the steering wheel, a painted harness bar, door sills, accompanying key, and even down to the accelerator pedal, all of them offer a myriad of options that it’s impossible to create a 720S like any other. And if you’re not fussy and curious what McLaren can do for your car on a whole, there are select in-house themes to choose from, our favourite being the black-blue gradient body and everything else it comes with from the ‘Coriolis’ outfit for a 720S Spider.

720S Spider by MSO 'Coriolis' 720S Spider by MSO 'Coriolis'

In terms of maintenance, as McLaren would tell you, extraordinary cars would need the same extraordinary care. It’s advised that the 720S model be serviced every 10,000 miles (15,000km) or after 12 months if that comes sooner. On top of the standard 36-month warranty and, in most areas, McLaren Roadside Assistance, McLaren’s meticulous standards of retail service are promised to be unmatched.

Despite the latest adjustments to the ARF tier for luxury cars, McLaren still assures the value of your car with their Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) Programme with a fixed buy-back value after two years. The programme mitigates the impact of depreciation over time and ensures that your vehicle retains its value even with the latest ARF changes.

Here’s a breakdown of how McLaren’s GFV Programme would work:

(the following breakdown is for illustration purposes only)

Under the Old Tax Scheme:

Original Price: $1,080,000

Buy Back: $864,000
Depreciation for 2 years: $216,000

With the New Tax Scheme:

New Price: $1,148,000 (increase in ARF)
Buy Back: $918,400
Depreciation for 2 years: $229,600

Difference between the two years: $13,600 i.e. the difference per year: $6,800

So what’s McLaren trying to tell you? It’s like we said, perhaps the fastest and most beautiful car of your dreams — a benchmark for supercars, and it’d be foolish to settle for anything less.

28 March 2022